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Stock Market Analysis: 02/01/10

On such boutiques near me s a significant earnings acceleration compared to last year same quarter as well as quarter over quarter is what to look for. JPMorgan Chase (JPM) kicked off the first set of earnings reports by posting an unexpected increase in profit over last year, driven by a near-30% jump in markets revenue after a stock rally earlier this year and jump in volume drove more equity and bond trading activity. They require patience, but, given time, their rising yields can more than make up for lighter payouts in the present. I would be better to stick to other methods such as special cases and book value investing more. Genuine analyst surprises are rare and in many cases company pre announce and manage earnings expectations to avoid significant surprise. There are obvious answers. Japans Nikkei went down 9.4% last night, the worst we’ve seen in that market since the crash in 1987. There was steep losses all across the globe before this rate cut. In stock market there are so many different setups used by people.


Such companies in most cases are well established companies. I like to look for companies which had earnings acceleration of 100% plus in such cases. Earnings breakout on stock with 500 million plus float is something which I not really very enthusiastic about unless they are trading near their historic lows or are in single digits. Earnings breakouts on companies with 100 million plus float tend to have pullbacks. Context of the earnings. Earnings breakout on companies with significant analyst coverage do not do as well as the first kinds. stocks with no analyst coverage are typically smaller companies or companies which are out of favor. stocks with analyst earnings coverage are widely followed stocks on the street. Earnings EP are easiest to understand and act on. It should basically looks for a out-sized price move on high volume post earnings. So a stock appearing in such a scan has a volume surge and the price surge.